Baking Soda Magic

I must admit– I have been skeptical of homemade cleaning products since jump. To be completely honest– I love my chemical shit-storm-smell-good-pretty-bottle promises that I use to clean with (only on occasion, because I’m lazy).  So never in a million years did I imagine writing anything, let alone a public blog post, on the magical qualities of baking soda. Since rededicating myself to a waste-conscious lifestyle, I’ve been doing a lot of research on ways to live more intentionally for both the environment and my family’s health, and what is in my cabinets–specifically, what is in those flashy-smell-good-chemical-death spray bottles must also be taken seriously.

After reading through several recipes for homemade cleaners, I realized they all had one thing in common– baking soda. Honestly, I didn’t know where to start and did not want to waste of bunch of money experimenting, so I just did it. Yesterday, I was looking at my dirty kitchen sinks and I just pulled the stuff out of the spice cabinet and started sprinkling it all over the place. I even kind of did it with an attitude– “let’s see what you can do baking soda!”

20150314_095843 20150314_095731

I took the rough side of a damp sponge and started scrubbing my sinks and countertops and to my amazement– they got shiny and clean!!!! …but really really shiny! This process was also EASY, too easy! NO EXHAUSTIVE SCRUBBING and NO SOAPY MESSES. My sinks have never been this clean–they weren’t even this clean when we got our place 3 years ago! Excuse the bad photography and take a look!






(during cleaning)

20150314_100953          20150314_101006



I was so addicted to the baking soda magic that I cleaned all my sinks this way, including our master bathroom sink (pictured below) which we have been wanting to replace because it’s pretty gross. And while our bathroom sink is no where near the shiny newness that the baking soda achieved with the stainless steel kitchen sinks– it is so much better and a lot of hard calcium and water build up has been eliminated.







20150314_103639 20150314_103716


Now, I’m not quite ready to start making all my cleaning products until I figure out what to do with old cleaners (I might just finish using them?). But I did want to take a minute to testify to the magic of baking soda (all on its own). I may never go back to cleaning my sinks with anything other than baking soda, and maybe a few drops of essential oils, maybe some bleach?

We’ll see…


One thought on “Baking Soda Magic

  1. zanygreenquest says:

    It’s pretty awesome huh? Your sinks look fab! I had a corning ware dish I baked some chicken in that looked like I might’ve thrown it on the bbq by the time the chicken was done. Added baking soda and it cleaned up in minutes! I feel kinda betrayed by Dawn and Palmolive…

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