The Magic Continues: Baking Soda and Pet Accidents (Carpet Stains)



Our two-year old Catahoula Leopard mix has annoying (and seemingly random) bouts of urinary incontinence (bleck!). We simply cannot figure out what’s causing it or why he has it, but it mostly happens in our hallway (pictured below). I think it may be tied to excitement (when we’re leaving on a trip, in this case), or fear (sometimes he’ll run from my husband when he knows he’s done something unacceptable), or playful energy (when he plays with Raven he’ll just start peeing).





In any case, despite our love for the little terror, we are sick and tired of cleaning up never ending piss-trails all over the house!!  We have gone through an embarrassing amount of carpet cleaner (mostly “Spot-Shot”). However, now that we are trying to live a waste-conscious lifestyle, I refuse to purchase anymore toxic waste. So what’s a girl to do when a meandering trail of dog urine is snaking through her hallway?

[Drum Roll]





I decided to test the magical powers of baking soda in this DIY carpet cleaning solution. Here it is:

  • 20150323_120942Fill a spray bottle with about 1-2 cups of hot water.
  • Add several drops of your favorite essential oil**
  • Add a splash of white vinegar, recap and then shake gently.

*Make a small batch of cleaner if using essential oils. Any unused cleaner should be discarded if using a plastic spray bottle. If using glass, you should be just fine! You can always store cleaner in large class jar and then add only what you need to the spray bottle. Just be sure to rinse with warm water when you are done.

Our stain was dry, because we didn’t notice it until we got home from a weekend away, but if your stain is wet– blot mess dry with a cleaning cloth.





First, I sprayed the stain generously with the liquid cleaner in the spray bottle.


Second, I sprinkled baking soda over the stain (I am sure you can probably dissolve baking soda into your cleaner too, but I didn’t) After the sprinkling, I went over the stain and baking soda again with the spray.



Third, I used our carpet brush scrubber to scrub the soiled area. Cleaning clothes, sponges, and other carpet tools will probably work great. I always used to use the extra tools on my vacuum cleaners to scrub stains with…


Fourth, I placed some towels over the damp areas to avoid traffic dirt.


Finally, when I got home, I removed the towels and vacuumed any remaining baking soda from the carpet. Honestly, I can’t really smell the essential oils I added, but I don’t smell any urine either…win!


The entire cleaning process took me about 5-8 minutes, and then another 3 minutes to run the vacuum in the hallway.






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