Gregg Segal–7 Days of Garbage


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Alfie, Kirsten, Miles and Elly.

As the “zero-waste” movement grows in popularity, Gregg Segal shines the light on our consumption and throwaway culture. With the same haunting beauty of paintings like Millais “Ophenlia“, Segal photographs families laying in a week’s worth of their own garbage. “Some of the subjects edited their garbage, removing the really smell stuff, while others were faithful to the concept and brought everything….’I wanted to call attention to how much garbage we produce and do it in a very straight-forward way – I wanted to go for the jugular” explains Segal. These images drive home the point that we have made our own garbage filled bed and this is what it looks like when we lay in it.

Dana.Lya, Whitney and Kathrin.Marsha and Steven.Sam and Jane.Till and Nicholas.John.Milt.Susan.

To see more of Segal’s mesmerizing work, visit his website

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