Waste-Free (& just FREE) Facial Scrub

Level of Difficulty: Easy and not only is it WASTE FREE, IT COSTS ZERO DOLLARS!



We are slowly but surely running out of the cheap knock-off St. Ives walnut face scrub we buy from target. Now, I’m sure there are several amazing, well-developed and well-tested waste-free/all natural DIY facial scrubs that would put many store bought scrubs to shame. But of course I don’t have time for that, because I’m writing a dissertation and have NO MONEY. So here is what I did…

I took two day’s worth of coffee grounds and let them dry out on my counter (please use organic, because it’s your life, your body– your face!).




Once they were nice and dry, I grounded them again in the bean grinder to get the grounds extra fine.


I put them in a tiny jar– one that used to be a candle jar. Because…jars! 


Next, I put the tiny jar in my shower and then used the coffee grounds with a little bit of bar soap. Side Note: I feel quite crunchy going from Oil of Olay to coffee grounds and bar soap, but hey! The environment! And…my face!

That’s it! I literally just 1) wet my face, 2) rubbed my hands with bar soap, 3) lathered my face, 4) sprinkled some of the grounds in my palm and then scrubbed face in circular motions before rinsing.

Face feels clean and I’m sure the extra exfoliation and a nice zip of caffeine will make me more beautiful…or something…fingers crossed. 😉

Try it!

Also, if you have of any other face scrub ideas, recipes etc. please send my way in the comments section. It’s hard to beat free, but I would love to try a face scrub that does not have to be added to bar soap or other soap products , because I am THAT lazy.


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