Low-Key Recyclables: Things I Never Knew You Could Recycle

The more I get into this waste-conscious lifestyle the more I realize how frustrating, and frankly, problematic recycling can be. For example, I read/heard somewhere that only about 10% of what gets put into recycle bins in the U.S., and perhaps, specifically, in California actually gets recycled. UGH! Also, certain kinds of recyclable items can only be done so at special sites or by the companies who produced these products in the first place. UGH!

Alas, recycling IS a HUGE step in the SLOW process towards waste-free living, so I am dedicating this post to “low-key recyclable items.” Those sneaking little plastic stuffs that actually CAN (in theory) be recycled.  These items may be common knowledge to most who are already walking softly on the earth, but I have a feeling that some of my closest family members and friends may also be missing these items like I was.

Here are some of them:



Some Bread Bags



Some Produce Packaging (like grapes)


Some Amazon Shipping Packaging

20150417_184914 20150417_184909

Some Frozen Veggies Packaging

20150417_184948 20150417_184954

Other Breads/Bagel Packaging

The good news is that we are starting to move away from some of these item (albeit, very slowly). For example, I’m not planning on purchasing anymore frozen veggies or fruit prepackaged anymore. In the past these items were an economical and easy way for Corey and I to get our fruits and veggies on the fly and without worries about meal planning or spoiled produce. However, I am finding that when I shop for things in season and on sale, like strawberries and green beans right now, I can buy extra and then just take the extra few minutes to wash and freeze (and in some cases blanch) and/or store/freeze on my own without the extra plastic packaging.

But if this is not where you are at right now, I encourage you to at least recycle these low-key items, and to please share other sneaky items that people may not know are recyclable.


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