Waste-Free Toothpaste

This weekend I was extremely busy with waste-free projects. I have to admit– once you start decluttering and moving towards less waste– it is hard to stop!

As I mentioned before, as products start to run out I am trying to replace them with waste-free or more waste-conscious alternatives. So this weekend I made toothpaste! Every year I go through about 4-6 tubes of toothpaste, and I have been throwing these chemical filled tubes into landfills to the tune of say, 132 in my life so far (rough estimate). This is something easy I can move away from–so I am trying out this recipe from the Modern Hippy Housewife: Homemade Coconut Oil Toothpaste.

I followed the recipe as described on her site, but here is an abbreviated breakdown with the images I took of the process.


Simple list of ingredients: Coconut Oil, Baking Soda, Xylitol, and Essential Oil of Choice


First, melt 1/2 cup Coconut Oil in an inch of two of water using the “double boiler” method.


Almost melted…


Stir in Xylitol, Baking Soda, and Essential Oil (Stir for several minutes so Xylitol can dissolve)


I let mine cool on the counter for several hours. You will need to stir it up one more time because baking soda moved to the bottom as it cools.


Start brushing (see recommendation below)

Truth be told, the first time I tried this stuff I was sad. It is super salty on the front end, and then really oily and weird on the back end. But it is now day three of brushing and I am already getting used to both the taste and feeling. I actually feel like my teeth are cleaner, but do still miss the blast of mint that store-bought pastes have.

In order to get the best brush (for me), I have had to change things up a bit. How I brush:

1. Dip dry brush into paste.

2. Run paste under water.

3. Brush bottom teeth only.

4. Spit. Rinse (the brush). Repeat with top teeth.

When I do it this way, the oiliness of the coconut oil is easier to deal with because its not sliding all over my mouth. Focusing on top and/or bottom in this way also gets me a better clean (IMHO).

Give it a try! I might try tooth powder after this for comparison, but its really not bad at all, just an adjustment.


9 thoughts on “Waste-Free Toothpaste

    • Stephanie Sparling Williams says:

      yea, I “brush too hard” too! But I will say that since I have been using this stuff for the last week or so the coconut oil doesn’t bother me anymore. I actually LIKE this paste and feel like my teeth are a lot cleaner than before! This may sound weird, but I like how this toothpaste doesn’t ruin the taste of my coffee in the morning haha!

      • zanygreenquest says:

        I agree! My recipe is just straight coconut oil, and baking soda. I kinda giggle that it could double as deodorant, and one night I swallowed a half teaspoon for some indigestion I was having. Worked fine! Haha

  1. Green Bee says:

    Coconut oil really is the greatest thing. Thanks for sharing. I’m going to give this a go. I think my children will love it as they find the flavour of a lot of toothpastes overpowering and there are so many hidden nasties in toothpaste.

  2. Danielle says:

    You’re inspiring! I’ve been dying to make a tooth powder for a while but I’m anxious to visit my dentist and ask for advice. Between my “brushing too hard” that everyone is plagued with and some personal oral health issues, I’m hoping to find a solution that works!

    • Waste-Free PhD says:

      Thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂 I just went to the dentist yesterday, my first time since I started making my own toothpaste. She said my teeth look great! Give this recipe a try!

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