Vermicasting: A Wormy Situation

This must be the week for vermicasting/wormcycling! Check out this other blog I found– it looks like they are using something that might be easy enough to make at home!

ka mea pono

Recently, I’ve been disgusted at the amount of food scraps that end up in my trash. Since I try to cook almost every night, the remainder of my scraps that don’t end up in my dishes, end up in the trash. Finally, after bothering and bugging my significant other for a vermicast bin, he agreed and gave in. Vermicasting is a great way to combat unnecessary waste. In simple terms: vermicasting is composting your waste with worms which then turns into fresh, healthy soil. This way of composting actually helps eliminate some of those yucky odors. I did some digging around and fortunately I found Kokua Worms. (Feel free to peruse their website: I was fortunate to find them! They are a locally based company, here in Hawaiʻi, that sells pre-made worm bins.

I was going to attempt to make my own bin, but I definitely didn’t have the…

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