Twists Out!


Hello my lovely people! I’ve been on the road to New Orleans and then to the mountains (Big Bear, CA), so I have been less attached to my computer the last few weeks. This has been both incredible and incredibly stressful. The dissertation looms large folks…

Alas, I’m back and back to work, so a few new posts are coming in the next few days. Starting with these  “after” images to my first waste-conscious hair post on coconut oil twists. Check it out HERE.

After wearing my twists for 5 days, I untwisted each strand to find another wearable option: twists out! Admittedly, I could have probably worn my twists for several more days (maybe even washed them?), however, after riding on a hot day my helmet had my scalp sweaty and gross. I confess that once I untwisted the hair and found that I had another cute, manageable/wearable style, I spritz some cold water in my scalp and some body spray and stood in front of the fan tossing my hair until it was dry and a bit refreshed. Some folks might have dry shampoo, but I didn’t so this was the next best/waste-conscious thing for me. Voila! Another couple days without much fuss.

twists out



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