Zero Waste Week 2016 KICKOFF

It’s finally here!

Zero Waste Week has official begun and this year’s theme is reducing FOOD WASTE for an entire week!

Zero Waste Week was started in 2008, and has grown into an annual awareness campaign to reduce landfill bound waste.

Follow yours truly as I explore ways to help you SAVE MONEY and PRESERVE precious resources.

Join me September 5th- September 9th and see just how much food you can keep from ending up in the waste bin!

View my official pledge HERE:

“Stephanie is interested in the equitable ways diverse communities might imagine themselves (and participate) in waste-conscious movements, which are often very white and upper/middle class in orientation.”

Along with access and diversity in waste-conscious movements, I am also passionate about reducing food waste through composting specifically. If you are just getting started, check out a few of my past posts on composting below:


Thanks for supporting the Waste-Free PhD and for giving Zero Waste Week a try!

Click here for Zero Waste week


One thought on “Zero Waste Week 2016 KICKOFF

  1. Rachelle Strauss says:

    Composting is such a brilliant solution and what I love about it is you can do it, no matter what little space you have at home. A wormery under the kitchen sink or bokashi bin on the kitchen worktop can get you started with the minimum time and effort. Thanks for sharing, Stephanie 🙂

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