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Art is Good Medicine

Those who know me well, know that I make art as a coping mechanism. I always have. These last few days/months/years have been traumatic for Black Americans, to say the very least, and even more so for Black women. Many of us suffer from deep depression, anger, and often, overwhelming feelings hopelessness. These feelings and their violent … Continue reading Art is Good Medicine

Finding Fall

It’s too damn hot here in Los Angeles, imagining Fall. First day of Autumn. Torn pages. Stretch Canvas. Paint. Enjoy.

Horse and Rider

Acrylic on Stretch Canvas. Painted for my parent’s Equestrian Center (December 2011). Enjoy.

Hip Hop’s Inheritance

I completed this book cover for a dear Professor and Mentor of mine at CU, Boulder (Dr. Reiland Rabaka). I look forward to doing more cover art in the future for other brilliant scholars, artists, and intellectual friends and family! 🙂 SSW

Blue Spring

Small painting from the spring (20013). Forgot I had a blog…

Summer Time Feeling

The coldness has been fierce this winter. And although I have not experienced any bitter chill here in Southern California… I know a lot of my midwest/east coast friends and family have been suffering! In this post I wanted to acknowledge your pain and send some summer heat your way. This past year, as followers … Continue reading Summer Time Feeling

ASE Commons Book Panel 1/23/14

ASE Commons Book Panel for Shana L. Redmond‘s brilliant new book ANTHEM: Social Movements and the Sound of Solidarity in the African Diaspora Jan. 23, 2014

Labor of Love 2010

Throwback to a college photo book project with these beauties. Spring 2010. *Some images are missing from the collection due to the lack of formal permissions from some of the participants. If you would like to be featured on this blog or would like your images to be removed from this post, please just communicate … Continue reading Labor of Love 2010


    Jalousie (Jan. 2014) Quals Series


Qualsing [verb] – the process of studying for “quals” or qualifying examinations -Dayna Chatman

Untitled, 2008

Untitled (the cool), 2008 Black and White Silver Gelatin Print College Archive

Love Letter

Love Letter (tryptic)  Mixed Media Photo Paint Collage on Canvas + Audio College Archive 2009    

Work in Progress

Happy Friday Folks! These are images I took several months ago for a stop motion project on self-care and meditative healing. The project experienced a stall as I raced toward my Qualifying exams at the end of July/beginning of August. I hope to pick it back up once I get around this prospectus defense and once … Continue reading Work in Progress