Declutter for the environment.

Declutter for your community.

Declutter for your family.

Declutter for your soul.


Upcycle & Donate

My Mom was in town this weekend and she helped me complete this simple upcycle project. I took all my washcloths from college (which were already pretty ‘rustic’ looking when I purchased them brand new), washed them well, and then snipped off all the loose ends and strings. I mixed-matched them in sets of four … Continue reading Upcycle & Donate

Declutter Day 1

I’ve been reading a lot about how it is necessary to address the issue of clutter before you can start making real strides towards a waste-free environment. As a graduate student, an artist, and probably a closet hoarder, this part is obviously the most challenging. Alas, I am headed to Salvation Army today to drop off … Continue reading Declutter Day 1

Waste-Conscious Clothing

Since beginning this journey I’ve been seeking out new and less wasteful ways to shop for clothing. Admittedly, I don’t have the monetary resources to always choose the most eco-friendly brands and thrift stores overwhelm me. Recently, I heard about the online retailer thredUP, which seems to me to be the online equivalent of a Buffalo Exchange … Continue reading Waste-Conscious Clothing

Thumbs Down for thredUP

My dissertation is in and I can finally sit down and publish some of my recent musings on our waste-conscious journey! Recently, I was appointed as an ambassador for the UK’s growing movement “Zero Waste Week,” and I am excited to start targeting my upcoming posts to my commitment to cut food waste, and to explore … Continue reading Thumbs Down for thredUP