Upcycle & Donate


My Mom was in town this weekend and she helped me complete this simple upcycle project. I took all my washcloths from college (which were already pretty ‘rustic’ looking when I purchased them brand new), washed them well, and then snipped off all the loose ends and strings. I mixed-matched them in sets of four and then tied them together with a bit of yarn.

20150606_085849_resizedI ALMOST kept them for myself, BUT the whole point of getting rid of them was not because we need new washcloths (per se), but because we currently have 30+ washcloths! This upcycle project is part of my ongoing efforts in decluttering and making space in our cabinets and in our lives! These cloths could also be used for cleaning, but honestly, Corey’s old undershirts are abundant and last a really long time. Here’s  hoping someone else can get a few more years of use out of the washcloths…

Give this easy project a try before purchasing new washcloths, or before donating old ones. And as always, please share ideas you come across for decluttering and upcycling!


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