A Better Tortilla (Second Attempt)


Last week I posted about my first attempt at making homemade oat tortillas, which were incredible awkward and ugly. Because they were so delicious, I decided to give homemade tortillas another try. I finally replenished my whole wheat flour and gave this recipe I found on Grunish a try!


What I used:

3 Cups of Whole Wheat Flour

1 Tsp Salt

1Tsp Baking Power

1 Cup Hot Water

What I did:

  1. Mixed Dry Ingredients in a Large Bowl
  2. Added Hot Water and with a Spatula, Mixed into a Dough (About 3 Minutes)
  3. Half Dough until 16 Equal Portions are Made
  4. Roll Each into a Small Dough Ball and then Flatten Between Palm20150607_183150
  5. Set Dough out in Single Layer on a Floured Surface and Cover with a Clean Dish Towel (15 Minutes)
  6. After Dough has Rested, Roll into Thin Round (if you can) Sheets
  7. Heat Lightly Oiled Skillet and then Cook Each Tortilla for 1 Minute on the First Side and then 30 Seconds on the Second Side. Adjust cooking accordingly if your pan is too hot or too cool.
  8. Let them cool on a wire rack or enjoy them right out of the skillet.


That’s it! Like my last attempt, we had them with tempeh, but this time I sautéed it with onions, corn, celery, beans, and tomatoes. Yumm!!

20150607_184250 20150607_184236

If at first you don’t succeed…


Admittedly, they are still pretty ugly and very misshaped! Alas, I’m sure practice will make perfect!


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