Idea: Cooking/Baking without Foil

Happy Tuesday Internet,

Just wanted to post a quickie! I have been pretty depressed at the prospect of not having foil to cook/bake with, especially with clean up and “steam cooking”/covered bake (?) methods. Tonight I tried baking some ribs and they    turned out PERFECT with very easy clean up. Here’s what I did:

First, I sprayed the glass dish with cooking oil (olive or canola is what I usually prefer).


Second, I drizzled some BBQ sauce over the oil on the bottom of the dish. I imagine this will stop  once I run out of bottled BBQ sauce (another sad day).

Third, I rinsed the ribs, laid them over the BBQ sauce, and then rubbed them with the bulk BBQ spice I purchased from sprouts.


Finally, I covered them with a cookie sheet and baked at 325F for 2.5 hours.


I wish I thought to take a picture of the results before we devoured them, BUT they cooked perfectly and the cleanup was relatively quick with the cooking oil spray.

woop! woop!


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