I for one am guilty of wasteful product consumption, especially when it comes to my hair. I have tried every shampoo, conditioner, leave-in, frizz-cream, gel, mousse… you name it! Here are are few of my attempts of being more conscious when it comes to my product use and product waste.


Twists Out!

Hello my lovely people! I’ve been on the road to New Orleans and then to the mountains (Big Bear, CA), so I have been less attached to my computer the last few weeks. This has been both incredible and incredibly stressful. The dissertation looms large folks… Alas, I’m back and back to work, so a … Continue reading Twists Out!

Waste-Free Lotion Bar

I used to use lotion bars back in college because they were at all the Farmer’s Markets in Boulder. You could say they were kind of “trendy.” I wasn’t crazy about them at the time, but I was also only using them periodically between regular lotion. Now that I have stopped buying lotion, and have been relying … Continue reading Waste-Free Lotion Bar

*Toothpaste Time*

Yep… I’m out of toothpaste too! But this month is special, because this is the month that Corey Benjamin ran out of his last tube of store-bought toothpaste (smirks). As promised, he is going to give one jar of my homemade toothpaste a try before he buys more. So of course I pulled out ALL stops … Continue reading *Toothpaste Time*

Honey, Coffee, Coconut Face Scrub

It must be that time again– that time I run out of EVERYTHING at the same time– because I have been whipping up all kinds of waste-conscious products this weekend! Here is a delicious upgrade on my waste-free/FREE facial scrub: Honey, Coffee, Coconut deliciousness Corey and I have been using the coffee grounds ever since I first posted … Continue reading Honey, Coffee, Coconut Face Scrub

Waste-Free Toothpaste

This weekend I was extremely busy with waste-free projects. I have to admit– once you start decluttering and moving towards less waste– it is hard to stop! As I mentioned before, as products start to run out I am trying to replace them with waste-free or more waste-conscious alternatives. So this weekend I made toothpaste! … Continue reading Waste-Free Toothpaste

Brushing with Bamboo

Yesterday evening our new bamboo toothbrushes came in the mail! Nothing too exciting to tell you about them yet, other than they work! I also like the idea that these brushes in particular are compostable. However, before I had them to the bin, I plan to use them either as garden markers or tile cleaning … Continue reading Brushing with Bamboo

Waste-Free Bathroom: Facial Rounds

Check out this great post on reusable face rounds! Easy way to reduce a year (or a lifetime) worth of wasteful one-time cotton rounds. If you don’t have time to make them yourself, check out Etsy for dozens of retailers.  ____________________________________________________________________________ To wash my face in the morning and evening, I have made several reusable … Continue reading Waste-Free Bathroom: Facial Rounds