Waste-Free Lotion Bar


I used to use lotion bars back in college because they were at all the Farmer’s Markets in Boulder. You could say they were kind of “trendy.” I wasn’t crazy about them at the time, but I was also only using them periodically between regular lotion.

Now that I have stopped buying lotion, and have been relying on my delicious coconut and honey body scrub, I decided to give lotion bars another try.

In all honesty, even after I purchased this one, I rarely use it because my body scrub is so rich and is great at locking in moisture. After my shower, I simply pat dry and go! However, when I do use this lotion bar (on days I don’t shower or don’t use the scrub), it works pretty well!

For those who are not familiar with lotion bars or lotion solids, you simply rub the bar in circular motions on your skin. As your skin heats the bar, it leaves a nice layer of moisture behind where you apply. At first, your skin does feel a bit greasy/oily, but once you get dressed or as the lotion has some time to absorb (about 30 minutes), skin feels soft, smooth, and non-greasy.

These are my favorite bars:

Queen of the Meadows (Colorado)

Bee Bar Lotion: Honey House Naturals (100% women owned and operated/Washington)


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