There are so many areas in the home where excessive waste occurs. Join me in experimenting with ways to reduce household waste, while also saving money and the environment!


Waste-Free Carpet Dust/Deodorizer

Unfortunately our entire condo is carpeted, and with dogs things can get pretty STANKY if we don’t keep on top of the vacuuming. I used to love purchasing seasonally scented “carpet dust” to keep our carpets fresh. BUT, because carpet dust comes in plastic containers, each costing around $2-4 and filled with extra chemicals, I … Continue reading Waste-Free Carpet Dust/Deodorizer

Baking Soda Magic

I must admit– I have been skeptical of homemade cleaning products since jump. To be completely honest– I love my chemical shit-storm-smell-good-pretty-bottle promises that I use to clean with (only on occasion, because I’m lazy).  So never in a million years did I imagine writing anything, let alone a public blog post, on the magical … Continue reading Baking Soda Magic

Because… Jars

So as I mentioned before I get pretty excited about in-home recycling and upcycling of product packaging. Specifically, I want to highlight the many possibilities for used jars and plastic ware. The ultimate goal of course is to either transition away from products with packaging or bring your own packaging to purchase the products that … Continue reading Because… Jars

Some fun additions…

Happy Friday Folks! This post is going to be short and sweet, because I’m working on a longer composting post I hope to share tomorrow or sometime this weekend. Today I got rid of (recycled) several plastic lunch meat containers we had upcycled as tupperware for our lunches, and replaced them with these beauties! Also, … Continue reading Some fun additions…

Reusable Bags are Here!

I love getting packages, especially when those packages contain reusable produce and bulk shopping bags! Get yours on amazon so you’ll never have to reach for those little plastic ones again! (purchase here) (purchase here) (purchase here)