Bamboo Love, or Wooden Kitchen Utensils

Here is another EASY way to reduce your waste AND reduce harmful toxins entering your body.


I’m absolutely horrible when it comes to replacing things like cooking utensils and pots & pans. I know its BAD to continue using utensils once pieces of your plastic cookware starts melting and flaking off into your food. I also know its BAD to continue cooking when your teflon pans start getting scrapes and burn/rust marks! Still, for months (and perhaps years) I keep using them (for shame!). So this is my very public confession, public shaming, and now my public shift away from these dangerous and negligent practices in hopes of inspiring you to make similar shifts!

Here is what I did: Bamboo Cooking Utensils and Cast-Iron Pots & Pans (post coming soon!)


Nothing too exciting right!? WRONG! Bamboo cooking utensils are great because they are made of natural material (bamboo) and they can be composted once they have had a good life (these things actually last a long time!) I have also read places that the bamboo resists bacteria somehow.

So this post is short and sweet, but I wanted to urge you to consider the waste-conscious alternative of using bamboo utensils to cook your food instead of synthetic products that do not breakdown in landfills, OR that actual breakdown in harmful ways in your food!


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